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Loving the Life You Have

Hello Dear Readers! I hope you all had a love-filled Valentine’s Day. I decided not to write about romance this month even though that is an easy topic for me as I’m a hopeless romantic. What I thought might be of more use to you would be some ways to fall in love with the life you have. I know that sounds a little naive, but I‘m here to tell you that it’s totally possible to develop a crush on the “regular old” life that you’re living during this pandemic. I can see there are a few cynics out there (thinking of my hubby right now!), and I want to assure you that I’m not asking you to run around throwing kindness confetti or smiling through the pain. I’m talking about reframing your perspective and shifting into a place of looking at the glass as half full rather than broken into pieces on the floor.

Now, perhaps your mind is already coming up with a laundry list of all the ways things are annoying and disappointing right now. Maybe you’re reflecting on all the things that are missing from your life at present. These are natural “push back” reactions from your mind. It’s common for us to resist “getting our hopes up” because we tend to think that not getting what we want would hurt less if we maintained the attitude of cynicism. Well, Dear Reader, I want you to feel a little more hope today, and to that end, I’ll introduce you to a few small tweaks that can help you feel a bit more loving toward your life.

I can’t help falling in love...with life...

Write a “love” letter to your life. Imagine that you are writing to a dear friend who needs some encouragement. I know this is abstract and maybe even a little “silly,” but try it anyway, if you dare! When composing your letter, reflect on all the ways that your life is supporting you. It could be as simple as the fact that you have streaming services and things to read to pass the time. Perhaps you can relish the simplicity of family meals or time to read in your favorite chair. Whatever your situation, if you look, you can find things that ARE working well in your life right now.

Add some spark to the mundane: Right now, you’re probably doing a lot of routine activities that feel like a drag when you compare them to taking a vacation or a dinner out with friends. How can you make some of those tasks just a little less ordinary? I like to put on fun music while I’m folding laundry, and if I’m doing the dishes, I make sure I dry them with a fresh, cheerful tea towel. I have been lighting candles with delicious scents when I’m hanging out at home, and I’ve worked my way through some delightful smells over the last few months. Tiny changes can make all the difference when you’re patiently waiting out the days until “normal” life returns.

Hey Friend: remind yourself of connections you have with others whether they are physically in your life right now or not. Look at some photos of past adventures and allow yourself to spend a few minutes enjoying a memory or two. Write a card, send a text, or invite someone to zoom. I know we all have a bit of screen exhaustion but seeing a smile on the face of someone you care about makes it worth the effort. Don’t forget that you saw friends before and you’ll get to see them again!

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