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"When I started coaching with Laura I was tired and lost. With kindness, compassion and fantastic insight, Laura has helped me cope with major life changes. We laugh, I cry, we visualize. I have done art projects to discover and free myself from negative feelings/habits. I have a visualization (that works!) for physical pain & discomfort, and ways to sing away despair. I look forward to each session and am always surprised to see where we end up."


"The tools you used to guide me to a new way of thinking about my situation cracked open a whole new world inside my head and gave me new insight, which gave me new strength and allowed me to take back my power. You asked me if there were even only one thing that could prove my thinking not true, and it opened my eyes and mind to see that my fear was causing rigid thoughts that were blocking my access to my own truth.  This empowered me to change my thinking, which changed my behavior, which is changing my life."


"Laura led me to the comfort with uncertainty I needed to avoid pursuing a career path I loathed. Equipped with a lighter schedule and a lighter heart, who knows what kind of courageous blossom I’m about to become!"

Natalie B.


"From our first coaching session Laura intuitively guided me along using different "coaching tools" to help me through difficult situations and help me move on. Laura has helped me heal negative thought patterns and deep emotional wounds that I have had for decades."

Annette N.

"Laura really helped me refocus and for that I am very thankful. I have actively pursued some of my hobbies and work and am now slowly but surely building a career around them. I feel like I could not have done this without Laura, well perhaps I could have, but it would have taken longer."

R. K.


"With her inspiring sessions, Laura [she] helped teach me to be my own self guide and realize what I am capable of, while increasing my self- love and confidence along the way."


"Laura left me with a mindset of compassion and honesty. She taught me and reinforced that at the foundation of all growth and happiness is honesty with myself."

Lissy M.


"At the completion of each session, I felt more inspired to reach for my dreams and more confident in my approach."

Janet C.





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