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Are you ready to reclaim your power and create a life you LOVE? 

How does coaching work?

What is this thing called Life Coaching anyway? I have heard it best described as personal training for your soul. Just like you would hire a trainer to help you get in shape at the gym, you can team up with me to get your LIFE in shape. Whether it's making a career change, improving relationships, boosting your creativity, or simply feeling comfortable in your own skin, coaching can help.


What it isn't: Life Coaching is not therapy. It can be a compliment to this treatment but is not meant to replace or compete with counseling. If you are interested in counseling, I am also a therapist and you can reach me through my profile on Psychology Today to inquire about that modality. Coaching is best suited for individuals who are interested in working to manage and promote change and who want to create their optimum life.

Therapy is about healing. 

Coaching is about adapting.

As a coach, I do not offer advice. Rather, I will teach you how to get in touch with your own inner wisdom through a variety of techniques including mind/body connection, investigating thought patterns and developing skills for leveraging your talents to create your ideal life.

"Keep a green tree in your heart and a singing bird will come" Zen Proverb

Individual Coaching Options

Coaching options include virtual or face-to-face sessions at my office in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

All coaching packages include individual sessions and email support plus follow-up notes.



Growing Roots:

Mindfulness is a powerful way to cultivate more peace, creativity, connection, and joy in your life. I have been meditating for over 25 years and teaching for the last 10 years. I am available for Private Mindfulness Sessions and I love to create personalized guided meditations for my clients.

1 hour-long session includes a recording of the guided meditation.


The Seedling:

Get to know your Secret Self: the part of you who already knows what you want and how to get it!

Learn how to read your body's signals about what to do next.

Develop a vision of your path to success using powerful tools to author your ideal life story.

1 session plus email support/notes




Delve deeper into your root system and discover where your special gifts live.

Master your mind/body awareness to dial up your inner wisdom and intuition.

Develop an action plan to move into a life that aligns with Who You Are.


4 sessions plus email support/notes


The Red Rose (3-month commitment):

Solidify your practice and grow to your full potential.

Confidently execute your ideal life and open to the potential of the deepest parts of your best self.

Develop a way of living that expresses your truth and supports your joy in every area.

12 sessions plus email support/notes




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