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Are you ready to reclaim your power
and create a life you LOVE? 


Not sure how to be authentic or too scared to show up?

What are you trying to fix about yourself? Who would you be if you didn't have to impress anyone? Finding and questioning thoughts and beliefs that keep you from expressing yourself authentically is a powerful and effective way to build the courage and self determination to BE YOURSELF. 


Don't know how your gifts will create your dream life or believe it will really happen?

I will introduce you to a variety of tools to help you navigate your inner landscape, amplify your natural abilities, and create healthy and helpful thought patterns.

Know what you want but aren't sure how to make it real?

Sometimes all you need is a map. Fortunately, you were born with one and you can learn how to read it. Taking that first step can be scary, but once you're on the road, it's just about taking the next small step. 

So, what's the first step?

Contact me to schedule a complimentary...

Secret Self Decoding Session

You have a secret self. Deep down you really do know what you want and you're actually sending yourself messages all of the time. So how do you decode them? Let's crack the code together.


During this session you will:

   *get clarity about what you really want at your deepest core

   *identify the blocks that keep you from getting what you want

   *learn how through coaching I can support you in living your best life

Whether we decide to work together or not, you will have clarity on how to move forward to creating a life you love.


30-minute phone session


​“Laura is a rock star. In a single session, Laura guided me to see how my thoughts of perfectionism were holding me back from promoting my business. I was able to reconnect with and embrace my imperfectly-perfect-self, and confidently share my creativity and skills with others.”

Sara W.

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