I work with people who feel stuck in a role that isn't aligned with who they really are deep down. I help them find their power and create a life they love.

Hi, I’m Laura.  


I know what it’s like to feel like your world is falling apart.  

Just as I was entering my 40's, my marriage blew up.  As I was reeling from the divorce, my mother was diagnosed with cancer.  She passed away just two short months later. My roots were gone, losing these two important relationships in my life at once. During this extremely trying time, I was also shouldering the profound responsibility of being the primary caregiver for my brother, who has special needs.  As all of this devastation was happening around me, I found a small bit of beauty growing in the cracks of my life; new love with a new man. He ended up being my husband.


What saved me? My inner resilience.

Through Coaching, I rediscovered my inner guidance and strength. I was able to use the inquiry tools I learned throughout my coach training. My internal guidance was always there and helped me survive and thrive through tough life circumstances. My growth was sometimes painful during this intense grieving process but I found amazing ways to reboot my life.  


I could not have imagined my life now back during that dark and difficult time.

Today, the sun shines and I’ve relocated to a lush new state (New Hampshire) where I’m happily married to a wonderful man. I am a stepmom, have a wonderful local community, and a great new group of supportive friends.  I’ve also found excellent services for my brother to encourage his independence.  The seeds have been planted and now I am living in the world I cultivated through coaching.


I flourish by teaching my clients the same inquiry tools I used to revive myself. It is so rewarding to help others grow through their hardships and reshape their lives.  


Through my individual coaching sessions, workshops, and groups, I offer my clients ways to relish their own beautifully flawed lives.  Using a magical balance of gentle investigation and tough love, I meet my clients where they are as they take the cultivated risks necessary to refine their lives. I am a loving gardener, using my insights, skills, sparkle, and my own life experience to help clients – even in the most heartbreaking and complicated situations - flourish.


In addition to being a Martha Beck Certified Coach, I’ve spent many years intensively studying spiritual and mindfulness practices.  I’m an experienced meditation instructor and workshop facilitator.  When I’m not coaching, leading a workshop, or working as a Library Director (I love to plant the seeds of change with words as well), you can find me performing with my husband in our rock band “The Daylilies” (hmm, sensing a theme yet?).

I love working with kindred spirits, creatives, and other non-conformists. I can’t wait to talk with you.